Celebrating 10 Years of Fear! 2023 marks the 10 year anniversary of the Fear Carolina site! We are one of  the only fan driven Haunt promotion sites in the Carolina’s. Upon our pages you will find what we believe are the BEST Haunted Attractions around. While  there is nothing wrong with making a buck, Money will not get a Haunt on our  site, we truly want to feature the best haunts. Each season we look at several  factors in deciding which Haunts we would like to feature. We start by looking  back on the prior seasons notes of the haunted attractions we visited. We then  look at several factors such as length of the haunt vs the price of admission,  while admission does not have to be cheap it must be of good value for the  experience. We look at the interaction of actors and staff with their victims,  Oopps I mean guests, such as, do they go the extra mile to insure everyone gets  the experience they came for? With so many options of entertainment for you  to choose, do they appreciate the fact that you spent your money and time to  support them? We also look at things like the number of actors in a haunt and quality of  props, are the sets believable enough to take you out of reality long enough to get a real scare? While there are many more pieces to this scary puzzle than we will go into here I can promise one thing, each of the above  qualifications must be met before you see a haunt featured here on our site. We are Fear Carolina and we want you to have the best experience you can  possibly have at a haunted attraction in the Carolina’s, this is why we only  promote Fear’s Favorite Haunted Attractions! Here is the hard part which we leave up to you,     Where will you find your fear in 2023? By FATHER FEAR
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Want a great experience? Do Your Part! Haunting is true theater of the mind, but instead of sitting and watching the  show you get to become a part of it! However, making the most of your  experience requires just a little effort on your part. 1. Always Remember why you are there!  You Paid to get Scared, Do not cause harm any prop or Actor!  While you may feel like a hero punching the actor who just scared you, you will  feel like a zero when you realize it was a 15 year old kid behind the mask just  doing their job! 2. Do not RUN! I never understand why you would buy a  ticket just to rush your way through.  Running only jumbles the line effecting your experience as well as the group ahead. If you catch the group ahead of you  slow down! Just a step or two can make a big difference! If the group behind you  catches you, let them past you! 3. Remember you are in public and act like it.  While your behavior shouldn’t be that of sitting on a Church pew, You are not on the playground either! When startled things are gonna be said, the  occasional shit you got me or Damn that was good is completely acceptable at most haunts but please don’t say words you wouldn’t say in front of your momma! The groups around you may include someones mom and her kids  are probably with her. If you really want to have a great time Respect yourself  and those around you, this rule applies if you are at a haunt or at the Mall!  Interact with the actors this cannot be stated enough!  Your perception of their  performance depends on it!  Follow the above rules and you will most always  have an enjoyable experience! Fear’s Favorite Haunts Find Your Fear at