Fear’s Favorite Haunts
About us?
    Our site was founded in 2013 by a bona-fide haunt junkie, Father Fear. In an effort to help promote the Haunt and Horror industry across the Carolina’s. While I had been a lifelong fan of Haunted attractions, it was working security for one of the first theme park haunt events and witnessing first hand how it all came together that truly hooked me on haunting.  From the very beginning we have always done our best to connect only Top Haunted Attractions and events to the fans that love them, and we do so FREE of charge to the events we promote! We will always do our best to get the word out about the best Haunted attractions in the Carolinas. If you have a haunted attraction or event we would love to work with you, Send us an Email:                               FearCarolina@gmail.com   
We believe Haunting is the greatest form of theater as there is no other experience of it’s type. Theater of the mind comes to life in scenes where spectators become participants, and guests literally walk into the middle of each set and become part of the show. There is nothing else like it and thats why we do what we do!
Ok, Upfront, Fear Carolina is a Haunted Attraction / Horror promotion website! We try our best to highlight the best features of what we feel are the best haunted houses, haunted trails, scary happenings and spooky events in the Carolina’s! We are not Reviewers! We will give an opinion on positives from time to time, but we chose not to nitpick at any of the shows we visit. Every experience we have in life has drawbacks. When it comes to Carolina based haunted attractions We chose to have a good time and focus on the great acting and bad ass sets we are experiencing!  With that said, there is nothing wrong with the review sites, in fact I encourage you to check out as many Carolina based Haunted Attraction sites out there as you can. We all have the same goal, to help you FIND YOUR FEAR this haunt season!