BEST may be the most subjective word in the English Language. While the definition of best is pretty clear, determining what is “best is not always so easy. To figure out what is best you first must observe ALL the options, remove all the variables, and even then it all boils down to personal preferences, Especially in Haunting! It would be impossible to visit every haunt in the Carolinas in one season. Each show changes so much so fast that due to timing, improvisation skills, and energy levels no two experiences are exactly the same, even in the same night! We have been to Theme park horror shows on $100 passes and had an “ok” time. We have also been to $10 haunts that put on an absolutely amazing experience! We have been back to the theme park haunt and were really impressed. Your experience truly all depends on the night and time you visit. While that might be one of the things we love about haunting the most, it makes it truly impossible to determine who has the Best Haunt. (Sometimes the haunts can do their best job possible and other customers can ruin the best of shows with obnoxious behavior. Here’s some great tips on how to insure you have a great time!) We spend a lot of time traveling across the Carolinas in an effort to promote the Best Haunts and events in the Carolinas. While it is our personal opinion, we really believe you will find only the Best Haunts and Attractions in the Carolinas featured on our site. We are Fear Carolina and, the events featured here are without a doubt, FEAR’S FAVORITE ATTRACTIONS!
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