Once you have  figured out which haunts you want to chance your fate at, Choosing Who you will visit the haunt                      with is your Top Priority! Our recommendation is get 7 of your closest friends together, for a night of Fright.                      Groups of 8 seem to work pretty well at most haunts. Choose your best friends  just in case your group doesn’t make it out, at least you guys can  all be props together! On that note if you’re visiting, be a decent customer. If you wouldn’t act a certain way or say certain things to your sister or mom, you probably shouldn’t say or do it at the haunt. And No sir your 4ft tall self is not fixing to whoop the 7ft tall monsters ass, you know it, we know it, and the monster definitely knows it. Quit saying it, you you don’t have to be “bad” here, let the monsters have their time thats what you came to experience! If you know uncle Kenny just don’t know how to act, Leave him at home and come have a great time leaving the drama to the Haunt!  
3.                        Every night during the 2022 Carolina haunt season will be special, but some haunts will take it up a notch                       on select nights featuring Fireworks, Concerts, and Appearances of some of your favorite screen used horror                       vehicles and even a few Horror Stars are slated to appear at some of your favorite Haunted attractions in                      the Carolinas! One of our favorite “haunting” nights was a trip to Kreepy Hollow in Bishopville SC on the                       night they brought in Kane Hodder, ( “the” Jason Voorhess) and we were lucky enough to ride their Legends of Horror bus with him, it was a killer night to say the least! One such night in the 2022 season will be in late October when  Elzig will appear at the Haunted Pyramids in Lawndale NC!  Elvis, Danzing, all rolled into one, Need I say more?  No matter which night you chose to visit make sure to arrive at the haunt around opening time as most haunts feature special opening ceremonies that sometimes even tell some of the back story of certain feature creatures with haunt parades and more! 4.                        Leave your cares behind and let yourself become immersed in the environment you are in!  Once you have                       purchased your passes and you’re heading into the haunt the only thing you should be concerned with are                       the creatures ahead waiting on those who emit the sixth sense - fear. In some cases millions of dollars have been spent to insure you feel like you are some place else but you have to do your part as well to get that side of the experience! All the paint, props masks and makeup in the world isn’t believable if you don’t want it to be!  Take your photos in the midway and then put your phone away and enjoy the present, there may not be a future! 5.                        Follow the Rules of the Haunt you are visiting. This tip should go without saying but that unfortunately is not                       so. In general the rules at most haunts are pretty simple. Don’t touch the Actors, they won’t touch you                       (unless you pay extra for that kinda action). Don’t run, Don’t bring alcohol or drugs, Don’t visit if you have  health problems that will be affected by the performance in the haunt. Those are just a few examples and your haunt will have their rules posted and explained to you before you enter. These rules are not put in place to place a limit on your  experience, it is actually quite the opposite! The rules are out in place so that the haunts can push the envelope to bring you the fear you want in the safest way possible! Please follow the safety rules so that you and all those around you will have a memorable night of fright for all the right reasons 2.                        From an acting perspective or an experience standpoint, timing is everything.  The best of shows                      can be ruined by groups running into each other and combined mid haunt. While it is near impossible                      to completely eliminate this problem at the busier haunts, here are a couple of tips to help you correct the issue should it arise as to affect your experience the least.  1. If you see your group is getting close enough to see the group ahead  slow  down just a half of a step to try to create a little more separation. (Conga lines are great at aunt Susie’s Christmas party, but not at a haunt! ) After slowing down a step, if you find  you are still catching the group ahead have the person in  the front of your group tell the next “Greeter Character” your groups have been combined. Greeter Characters are the  first character you contact at the beginning of the scene. They know how long it takes for a scene to reset and prepare to provide optimal scares for their next victims!  A great greeter character can hold your group just an extra second or two  and  you really won’t even know it, giving you the best chance to see the scene the way it was intended to be experienced!
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