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                                                       Captian Blakney   Pageland, SC                                                                  Captain John Blakney held rank in the Confederate army. Having                                                                served with the legendary “Swamp Fox” Francis Marion, Blakney                                                                was considered a man among men. The Blakney Homestead is                                                                located on Dudley Rd in Chesterfield county just outside Pageland.                                                                Not only is the Captain himself laid to rest out there but he had                                                                more wives than can be counted on one hand all dying young, all                                                                buried in this family plot. Blakney, who lived to be close to 100 is said to watch over the land he loved so much as well as the loves he laid to rest here.  UPDATE- Although the site is well marked on the side of Dudley Rd., a truck is needed to navigate the rough road leading back to the cemetery. Due to vandals and drunken parties this isn’t the best site to visit with children
                                                        40 Acre rock   Kershaw, SC                                                                 Granite has been used for centuries as a head stone to mark the                                                               final resting place of the departed. Located about 60 miles south of                                                               Charlotte, NC could be one of the largest specimens of this                                                               sometimes morbid mineral in the Piedmont/Sandhill regions of the                                                               Carolinas. Legends fill the back roads and country side of the devil                                                               himself setting foot on the rock with such force his footprint is still                                                               in the formation that can be seen to this very day.  Some believe the Catawba Indians used the Granite outcrop in various ceremonies before going into battle. Whatever the story, one thing that cannot be denied is the rock seems a little out of place and almost end of the worldish. Explore if you must but only before dark, beware of vandals as well as various cults who have spray painted graffiti in several locations and are said to use the area for worship ceremonies.
The Lost Colony-  Roanoke Island, Dare County North Carolina        Imagine going away on business only to return to ruins, Everything you owned from your belongings to your home, even your family.  This is what John White experienced in August of  1590.  John White was appointed Governor of the New Colony upon its arrival in 1587.  Later that year after getting the  colony  established, White sailed back to England for more  supplies. John left many two story thatch cottages behind as   well as his family which consisted of his wife, their daughter and granddaughter, Virginia Dare, the first person of English decent to be born in the Americas.  Upon Johns arrival in England, a navel battle erupted as war broke out between England and Spain. The order came from the Queen that all ships in the royal Fleet would be in service during this time. Three years passed before Governor White was able to return to America.  As the ship arrived John realized that the places the colonies boats should have been were empty, no citizens were going about their daily tasks, and all the dwellings had been removed, not burned or  destroyed. What was a colony of 117 men, women and children had vanished without a trace.  The only clue left behind was a single word,  “Croatoan” which had been crudely carved into a tree. What happened to the Lost Colony?  History only knows, but one thing is certain. The legend of the Lost Colony is not only unexplainable and true, it is the first unexplained disappearance in the what we know today as North Carolina and that makes the unknown fate of the Lost Colony just one more reason to Fear Carolina! Screaming    Horrifying Faces                      Places          www.fearcarolina.com Screaming    Horrifying Faces                      Places          www.fearcarolina.com It is our desire to have the best Haunt Site in the Carolinas. Revenue is not our driving force. 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FearCarolina@gmail.com Unexplained Disappearance  Pageland, SC                                                     Mangum School Rd is like any other country road in the                                                   Carolinas, except the fact that in the early 2000’s one of                                                    its older residents vanished. After a day or so of no                                                    contact, one of the man’s relatives went to check on him.                                                   When the relative arrived, the sink was full of dishes, the                                                   washer full of clothes, the owners medication and all of   his valuables were present. Although exhausting, an extensive search of the local area turned up nothing of the man. Screaming    Horrifying Faces                      Places          www.fearcarolina.com F.M. McClendon Funeral Service     Wadesboro, NC                                                                   Mary Mclendon lost her license to provide funeral services in 2012.                                                                 During a trial in 2014, McClendon admitted to leaving a body behind in                                                                  the former funeral parlor on North Greene St. When police went to                                                                 recover that body, they found not only one corpse laid openly upon a                                                                  table, but a second badly decomposed body wrapped in cloth an placed                                                                 in a casket. Rumors and tales of improper disposal of bodies have swirled and some believe more bodies were mishandled than we will ever know. A sinister feeling has been  reported in the parking lot.  Although this location is easy to find keep in mind this is private property trespassers may be prosecuted.                                Submitted by Anonymous     First  in  Fright www.fearcarolina.com Scott Williams         Unionville, NC                                                                  Lived in a trailer along Clontz Long Rd near Unionville, NC. He was                                                                convicted in 2008 of crimes that were nothing short of evil. Torture and                                                                 mutilation were part of his sick rituals and murder was always the result.                                                                Over a period of 9 years from 1997-2006 Williams killed 3 women and                                                                reportedly had even ventured into cannibalism before being turned off  by the smell of cooking flesh. Williams is currently serving 3 consecutive life sentences with no possibility of  parole for his crimes. The  neighbor next door is always a reason to Fear Carolina.          First  in  Fright www.fearcarolina.com First  in  Fright www.fearcarolina.com
Lizard Man- Lee County  Bishopville, South Carolina
                                                                 In late June of 1988, 17 year old Christopher Davis was driving                                                                 home from his second shift job at a local McDonalds.  Around 2AM                                                                 in the middle of nowhere a flat tire forced Chris to pull over. The                                                                 sights that he witnessed that night would not only change his life,                                                                 but Lee County and Bishopville, SC forever. Davis was driving on                                                                 Browntown Rd, a small two lane country road that borders scrape                                                                 ore swamp near Lucknow Bottom. This is an area of extremely dense forests and soggy low lying land.  One look around and anyone could see that if an unknown species existed this would be the perfect locale.  Just as Davis was completing his tire change he heard what was described as a thumping type sound. Coming towards him was a creature he estimated at over 7 feet tall with two arms, the chest of a human and scales, Green in color and eyes that seemed to glow orange or red. As Davis, understandably frightened, ran to get into his car the creature pounced on top of the vehicle. Davis recalled seeing a three fingered hand on his windshield as well as one trying to reach the door handle, it was at this time he swerved the car left and right and eventually shook the beast off the top of the car. Upon arriving home, a very shaken Davis surveyed the damage to his vehicle and alerted his father who then called the Lee County Sheriffs department. Sheriff Liston Truesdale questioned Davis and after seeing the frightened state that the young man was in, decided to send two deputies out to investigate. The investigation turned up a set of unusual tracks but they were determined to be inconclusive.  Although Davis passed a polygraph test, many did not believe his claims, until the sightings and damage kept occurring.                                                                    
Screaming    Horrifying Faces                      Places          www.fearcarolina.com The Buford Massacre - Buford,  Lancaster County, South Carolina  On May 29th, 1780 113 American Patriots  lost their lives on the edge of a field in present day Lancaster County South Carolina.  The battle was between the British Army commanded by Banastre Tarleton and the Patriot army commanded by Abraham Buford.  After a quick battle it is said Buford realized that his unit would fall and sent a white flag of surrender to Tarleton. The British  commander either did not receive the surrender or didn’t accept it.                                                                                                                                All of this while trying to surrender. The Massacre became a rallying cry for the American cause. Many of the folks of the area and  throughout the south, who would have remained neutral, suddenly supported the Patriots. Lancaster County owns this property and it is listed as a national historical spot.  While it is easy to read the plaques and monuments in this quite park and imagine the sights and sounds of a few hundred years ago, a sense of dread also over comes some as they visit the rock covered mass grave that contains the remains of  those who lost their lives here defending the very ground that they are standing on.  Tarleton ordered his men to continue the onslaught. 263 Patriots were injured, 113 died on those very  grounds. Some so badly punctured by bayonets that they couldn’t be moved. Screaming    Horrifying Faces                      Places          www.fearcarolina.com