Our  way of Rating
Everyone has a  “Best” these days but no one ever seems to offer how they come to these decisions. So, we wanted to let you know why, and how we rate the best haunts the Carolinas has to offer. Below you will find out what our numbers actually mean for you the haunt and horror fans of Fear Carolina! 
Our Fear Rating is based on our experience at a Fear Carolina featured haunt on the night we visit. From 2019 forward our group will be made up of up to six members of our scare squad.  At the completion of our haunt experience, everyone in our group will fill out a score card. Scores are based on the following four categories. Then averaged. We are and have always been a haunt promotion site. We are not “professional reviewers” Your opinion matters more than ours, that’s why we also feature the Victim’s Choice Poll! 
Set Detail
There are 25 possible points for the Costume category. 12.5 is what we consider industry standard. Eyes are blacked out behind masks, Hands and feet are costumed when applicable, clothing is of a costumed nature. Skin should not be seen unless it is part of a costume and even then it really should have some blood, mud, or paint on it! The more realistic the costume the more points are awarded, But remember our scores are based on a haunt wide average not on one characters costume. 
The set detail category is worth 25 possible points. 12.5 is what we consider industry standard. Scenes are detailed enough to lure you in, while the actors prepares to scare. Set detail is vital to pulling off the ultimate startle scare! The more realistic the props, the better the facades and attention to the smaller details of a scene will gain a haunt more points in this category!  
The Acting category is worth 25 possible points. A score of 12.5 is where we set the industry standard in this category.  Actors/Actresses are in place to start their scene and stay in character through out the scene,without giving up on the scare.  Earning a higher score in this category is easy. Make us believe your character!  
The Timing category is the only category potentially worth over 25 points. There’s an old saying, “timing is everything” in haunting, this can not ring more true. A score of 15 is where we set the industry standard for this category. Timing is broken down into 3 separate sections. 1. Character/Prop timing - 10 points An off timed prop or actor can take away from even the best of scenes.  Each member will subtract a point for each mistimed action 2.  Group timing /Spacing- 10 points One thing that can really take away part of an awesome experience is poor group timing. You really should not run into another group on your journey through a haunted attraction, unless it is in a pre designed cue area, it is impossible for the actors to do their job effectively any other way.  3 points will be subtracted each time our group encounters another. Coordination between scenes is key! 3. Length of haunt -  3 points are awarded for every 13 mins inside once the fear has began. Each minute spent in a cue line once the attraction has started is subtracted from the total time inside.
Makeup/Costumes Set detail Acting Overall Timing   2019 Fear Rating  up to 25  up to 25  up to 25  up to 30 up to 105  53 - 75 Standard Show Plenty of scares, professional and  fun!  100 - 105 Most Feared Show Simply put, it  doesn’t get  any better!  76 - 99 Above Average Better Props, Makeup and  Scares!