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  you get in a car and ride, the farther you go, the less you recognize as familiar. as you travel, you remember  some of the stories of dread you have read and your mind begins to race. Could that be the house of the ax murders? What did I just see on the side of the road as the car went by it in a blur? then, just as you feel you are safe you arrive to what could be your final destination and the horror is just beginning. The ride is part of the experience, as you go to these attractions so get a group together and Travel outside your comfort zone, venture to other locales, experience all the fear Carolina has to offer. whether the Haunt is in the city or in the middle of nowhere, let your mind wonder, don’t try to figure it out or make sense of anything you see or experience, for if you do, you may not return the same.  I have done my part in warning you now its up to you to experience fear Carolina.
North Carolina Haunted Attractions
Whatever you fear,Fear Carolina
Fear Carolina is an Independent source of Haunt entertainment information. Any exploration of any stories or haunt is done so at the risk of the taker. Fear Carolina will not be held responsible for any damages real or imagined. all ad’s remain the property of those who own it. all rights reserved.                                                                   YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!!!!!!
NC Featured Attractions
Hillside Horror-Wilkesboro, NC Victims Choice Award        Nominee!! The 13th Acre-Monroe, NC Victims Choice Award        Nominee!! Woods of Terror-Greensboro, NC Victims Choice Award        Nominee!! Devils Playground-Fayetteville, NC Victims Choice Award        Nominee!!
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BoogerWoods -Rockwell, NC Victims Choice Award        Nominee!! SpookyWoods-Archdale, NC Victims Choice Award        Nominee!! LakeHickoryHaunts-Hickory, NC Victims Choice Award        Nominee!! Midway Wicked Woods -Mocksville, NC Victims Choice Award        Nominee!! Victims Choice Award        Nominee!! Fayetteville NC