Could Haunt Season 2020 be the best haunt season ever? 
 Although it’s only July, we can tell Fear is building across the Carolinas like never before. We have been in contact with some of the best haunt owners across the Carolinas, all of which are in full execution of their 2020 haunt season plans. From buying props to building structures and facades, all the way to the current task for many, hiring Ghosts, Ghouls and other staff.  Shows are being planned and safety precautions are being evaluated. All of this with the hope of being able to offer each haunts own brand of terror during a time of the truly unknown.  There is no doubt this haunt season will be different than any we have ever had. There is also no doubt that this year, haunt season is needed more than ever.  There is no better time of year to flash us back to normal than the season of the abnormal! We have been bombarded with messages from haunt fans asking our thoughts on the 2020 Carolina Haunt season. After speaking with several haunt owners from across the Carolinas. I absolutely believe we will have a haunt season in one form or fashion.   Another hot topic has been what will the haunt season be like? Will it be the same?  Our thoughts are probably not. But, that’s not necessarily a bad thing! There is no way around the fact that new safety measures will have to be in effect to make this season a success.  In large part these measures will depend on the haunt patrons to follow state and local protocol. Masks will probably be required and Social Spacing is an absolute must to make this season work. Social Spacing though,  may be one of the best things to happen to the Carolina haunt scene in quite sometime. While fear fans won’t be spending as much time mingling in the morbid midways of their nightmares, this years display of Fears will feel much more personal due to social distancing. The timing between groups will have to increase to insure a safe distance is kept between groups. This is bad for the haunt owners as they can’t sell as many passes per night but great for their fans as the timing of the shows will allow for the experience truly intended. While it’s true none of us know what’s in store for the 2020 Haunt season, you can rest assured Fear Carolina will do our part to promote the best in Fear across the Carolinas with all the current news and updates we can pass along. Be sure to Like our Facebook page for the most up to date info.