Imagine being on a Legends of Horror Bus with This Guy Riding, Right Behind you! Taken 10/11/14 @
    Every year for the past few years several of us have made the almost 80 mile one way trip to Bishopville, SC. This past season though, FearCarolina met up with a horror legend that may even rival the legendary local, Lizard Man! We visited Kreepy Hollow on a night that none other than Jason Voorheese was there! Yes, That Jason. Ok, maybe not the Machete wielding murderous madman, but the guy who played him, Mr. Kane Hodder.     After arriving and securing our VIP ticket (which we highly recommend) we proceeded to the shortest line as we awaited the next bus. As we boarded we were told by personnel to reserve a certain seat and doing so, we sat about two rows from the front. Just as the bus was packed up and ready to depart, the doors reopened and Kane stepped onto the bus. He was seated in the seat directly behind me! Now, its no secret that I’m a horror nut, I’m as happy in this moment as Freddy Kruger in an ambein commercial! I mean come on, this IS JASON, no other person played the character in more sequels than Kane. Trying my best not to be “ that Guy” I sat in my seat with joyous, nervous wonderment as I awaited his reaction to seeing someone else play Jason Face to face on the Ride.    The bus took off with Music blaring, Smiles, Screams, and Shouts were heard all around, almost at a deafening level! Then a guy playing Jason appeared literally out of nowhere, in the aisle next to me as he peered at the master of his character. Kane smiled and the two exchanged a handshake. What a moment to witness! As the ride continued to ramp up with surprises at every turn suddenly we were in the middle of nowhere. The lights inside the bus came on as the brakes squealed to a halt.“Everyone off the bus”. Kane told the bus crew “hellava job,” as he was whisked away by security to do his meet and greets. Security would have been nice as we made our way trough a graveyard with a Live Funeral Service taking place that still Gives me the willies! On the other side was the meet and greet and with our VIP passes we were able to once again go to the Shortest line to have our chance to meet the Horror Legend. After about a ten minute wait we were standing beside slasher Royalty!    Kane couldn’t have been cooler as we all exchanged a few quick how ya doins and some smart ass comments that had all of us laughing, but I wont dare share here! Having met many famous people, I can tell you some will leave you with a different impression after meeting them in person, and with some it isn’t always positive but on this night in Bishopville, SC, Kane Hodder made a lifelong fan, as did Kreepy Hollow. I didn’t even tell you about the 2 mile journey though the swamp or the two story haunted house that had a policeman, two construction workers, and even Father Fear himself on high alert during every scene!
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