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EST 1968
Monroe NC
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7608 Landsford Rd
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Christmas time is here and here are a few reminders of some things that will help you have the Merriest of seasons!
   In 2016, across the nation 28 people per day on average lost their lives due to drunk driving. Many of those deaths occurred during the holiday season. With increased patrols from NCSHP and Union County Sheriffs office. The best way to stay safe and out of trouble is call a friend if you need a ride home.
     It is easy to overtax you home’s electrical system in your quest to become the neighborhood Griswold. Make sure all extension cords used outside are approved for outdoor use and limit the amount of items plugged into a single receptacle. All outdoor decorations should be plugged into a GFI outlet. Only use lights as directed, and if ANY sounds are heard from your breaker box or a breaker trips, you have too much on that circuit and you will need to unplug something to lessen the load,  possibly preventing a house fire.  
Merry Christmas
Monroe NC 28112
Events December
   Morning, noon, or night the men and women of Lanes Creek Volunteer Fire Department are on Standby to help the wonderful community we serve. We hope you have a safe and Very Merry Christmas season!