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JC’s Frightmare
Attractions  Haunted Trail $15 Tickets Parking Free
JC’s Frightmare may be one of the smaller haunts in the Carolinas but it’s one of Fears Favorites because what they lack in numbers they make up for in passion. The setting of this haunt alone takes you to an old house time has forgotten in the middle of no where. More than once on our visit there was a natural fog that had permeated the whole area for an unforgettable night of Fright! All original characters and animatronics built on site make this an attraction one of our favorites. There are a few other surprises we would like to tell you about at this haunt but doing so would have an impact on your experience. Some things you don’t need to know to test your survival! JC’s Frightmare takes about 15 minutes assuming you survive and is one of the most affordable Halloween attractions in the Carolinas. While you will get scared, the length and afford-ability of this haunt makes it perfect for seasoned haunt lovers and beginners alike!
Blackstock South Carolina
To Purchase Tickets, visit the Official JC’s Frightmare website   www.jcfrightmare.com Haunt  Season  2022 Info  Coming Soon! FEAR’S FAVORITE HAUNTS 2022  FearCarolina.com JC’s Frightmare