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Fear Carolina is an Independent source of Haunt  entertainment information. Any exploration of any stories or haunt is done so at the risk of the taker. Fear Carolina will not be held responsible for any  damages real or imagined. all rights reserved.                 2017             YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!!!!!! Fear is forever
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   At Fear Carolina we work with what we feel like are the top 20 or so Haunted attractions in the Carolinas.  It’s No easy task even getting down to that number taken into consideration there are around 200 such attractions between the two states.  After being asked for the millionth time which one was the best, We decided to let you the haunt and horror fans of the Carolinas tell us what is truly the best haunted attraction  in the Carolinas.  Your voices were heard by the thousands of votes we received!  The top 5 haunts from both states on our poll will be featured on the soon to come,  Carolina Haunt trail alongside the haunt rated by you to be the best in All the Carolinas!                              Here’s your 2018 Victims Choice poll Results!
Haunt in the Carolinas 20 17 BEST  Lake Hickory Haunts North Carolina Best Haunt IN Woods  of Terror South Carolina Best Haunt IN Deceased Farm       Most Votes            Overall Lake Hickory haunts